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Cuba was discovered by Christopher Columbus from the "Viejo Continente" and became a bridge for people immigrating to the Americas from other continents. As "La Bahia de la Habana" the most important commercial area proclaimed it as the capital of Cuba. Since then Europeans, Asians, Africans and North Americans have arrived on the island. Some just passed through, but others loved Cuba's charm.


The blends of different cultures from all over the globe created what we like to call "SPECIALTY FLAVORS." A combination of Taino (Native American) African,  Creole, Spanish and Caribbean. This results in unique techniques and interesting flavor blends. In keeping with our family's history and tradition we’ve incorporated those flavorful spices, herbs and techniques into our own unique Barbeque style.


We are an off-site catering company providing both full service and delivery. We specialize in Cuban cuisine and have a vast and varied  culinary inheritance. Our roasted pig recipe has been handed down for three generatons. All of our tradional foods are prepared in roasting boxes and on open grills. We Cubans have always found joy and friendship in our kitchens and around our tables. Let us bring that experience to you. Our event specialist will arrange all the details. Let us make your next event a memorable one, Cuban Style!


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